Brianna Apodaca ’14 receives a $5000 scholarship during a school board meeting.

One of our dreams for Alamosa High School students is to give them a leg up on the future. That is one reason we founded the Alamosa Association and Education Foundation. We have been organized for 10 months and 2015 is our first graduating class. We hope that when any classes plan a reunion, giving back becomes part of the celebration and homage to good ole’ Moosie High.

Attached is a PDF of a scholarship template if you guys so choose.

To show a like commitment, I have funded a $500 scholarship for 2015.

Sunny Dillon funded two $500 scholarships in honor of his mother for 2015 and plans on making that an annual gift.

Imagine the impact we could have on Moose Nation’s finest new alumni of your anniversary year. I know my Reedo Scholarship will be given with great love and symbolically acclaim my faith and belief in these young scholars.